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How to put your kids to bed ebook {Anna Partridge}How to put your child to bed and keep them there: 5 steps to a stress free bedtime routine by Anna Partridge

Description: Do you struggle with your kid’s bedtime routine? With consistency, routine, boundaries and other strategies in place, you can get your kids to bed when you want to and keep them there.

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30 days to a get HOUSE MOVE ready with your kids by Anna Partridge

Description: Moving with kids is hard: Anna should know…. she had moved 9 times in the past 10 years (one international move) with her military husband. In this guide, she sets out what you need to do to get your kids physically, socially and emotionally ready for the move – whether it is across the street or across the world there are strategies to make it easier for the whole family.

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Unlock your child’s reading potential: A practical guide for parents by Anna Partridge.

Description: This book sets out how to develop your child into a reader from birth and instill a love of learning. It deals with the different stages of learning to read and practical tips and strategies to help your child at every stage.

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