Positive Parenting with Anna Partridge in the Media.

Anna has been featured in numerous parenting publications and blogs as well as on TV, Radio and Podcasts talking about positive parenting and other parenting topics. She is a regular writer for The Huffington Post.

As Featured In…

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The Huffington Post – January 2018 – Are We Making Our Kids Too Comfortable?


Are We Making Our Kids Too Comfortable? After spending some time in the ED of the local hospital with her daughter, Anna made the connection between being comfortable and parenting today… Read her Huffington Post article here.

The Huffington Post – April 2017 – Buy Holidays Not Stuff: Why Creating Memories is More Important Then Buying Toys. 

Buy holidays, Not stuff: Why creating memories is more important than buying toys. After an awesome 2 weeks road tripping around the US, it became apparent that holidays and creating memories is so much more important that buying stuff. Read her Huffington Post article here.

For the Love of Learning Show – Conscious Consumers Network, USA March 2017

Episode #96 Emotional Intelligence. It was a pleasure joining an International online LIVE panel to discuss emotional intelligence and practical ways to develop it in our children. Watch it here (from 48mins). 

The Huffington Post – January 2017 – Thankyou For Being Brave and Courageous

An Open Letter to Every Parent… Thank You For Being Brave and Courageous article. It takes courage to be brave and courageous as a parent every day and this is a letter to say thank you. Read it here.

Wellbeing Magazine, Australia’s leading natural health and living magazine – December 2016


Raising Strong Willed Children. Read Anna’s article on raising strong willed children in the 2016 Annual Edition of Wellbeing Magazine.

The Huffington Post – June 2016 – Why We Should Worry About Our Kids Mental Health


Why We Should Worry About Our Kids Mental Health. Our kids mental health is deteriorating. Here are 8 insights from leaders in education, parenting and positive psychology about supporting our kids mental health in this generation. Read it here.

The Huffington Post – March 2016 – 49 Practical Ways to Raise Kids Who Will Cope

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49 Practical Ways To Raise Kids Who Will Cope. We all want our kids to cope. As a school teacher, I see kids face challenges each and every day and it is difficult to watch the kids who don’t cope. In my latest Huffington Post article, I have written a list of 49 ways parents can teach their kids to help them cope. Read it here. 

 The Huffington Post – February 2016 – Mommy, What Did I Do That Was Good Today? 

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Mommy, What Did I Do That Was Good Today? It is so easy to see the negative parts of our kids that we miss out on the positive, good bits and so do they. Read Anna’s article in The Huffington Post here.

Body+Soul lift out Sunday Telegraph – January 2016 – Raising the Wild Child

Body+Soul liftout January 2016

Wild Child. Anna was interviewed as a Parent Educator by journalist Alex Carlton for her article Raising a Wild Child. Anna offers 5 ways to nurture your strong willed child.

 The Huffington Post – August 2015 – 14 Ways to Instill Gratitude In Our Children

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Anna’s article on 14 Practical Ways to Instill Gratitude in Our Children went viral on the Huffington Post in August shared to more than 20 publications worldwide. So far it has been liked 5.3k times and shared 1765 times. Read it here. 

The Huffington Post – July 2015 – How To Raise Non-Judgemental Children: 5 Ways to Build Empathy and Compassion

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Read Anna’s article on How to Raise Non-Judgmental Children here.

Nourish Baby – July 2015 – How to Tap Into Your Motherly Instincts

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Read Anna’s article on How to Tap into Your Mother Instinct’s here.

 The Huffington Post – June 2015 – How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Your Child

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Read Anna’s article on How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Your Child here.

The Huffington Post – June 2015 – What Is the Definition of Success Anyway?

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Read Anna’s article on What is the Definition of Success Anyway? here.

 SBS Insight – April 2015 – Siblings Showdown


Watch Anna and her children on SBS Insight’s episode on Sibling Rivalry, view it here.

Peninsula Kids Magazine – Autumn 2015 – Where the Wild Things Are


Read Anna’s article Where the wild things are here.

The Sunday Brunch Magazine – April 2015


Read Anna’s article Help your child build emotional intelligence here.

 Teacher Types – February 2015


Read a Q& A with Anna Partridge here.

 Nourish Baby – October 2014


Read Anna’s article Parenting Styles: How to Establish Your Own here.