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Building RESILIENCE in Education: For Educators

I have spoken to several school leaders recently about how to build resilience in students. I love this question. I think about it daily and I will share some of my thoughts with you to build resilience in our students. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of resilience. In the Oxford Dictionary, there are two… Continue Reading

Travel with Kids: 5 Things To Do In Sedona

Travel with Kids: 5 Things To Do In Sedona

As we drove towards Sedona through the scorching Arizonan desert in the USA, the looming red hills began to rise up to meet us and little did we know at the time that this town would become our Number 1 place to stay on our road trip through Arizona. If you are planning a trip… Continue Reading

49 Practical Ways to Raise Kids Who Will Cope

As parents, we want to raise kids who will be able to cope in life. We want our kids to ‘deal effectively with something difficult’. That, by definition, is what coping is. Coping is the ability to overcome challenges with success. It is the ability to know how to solve problems that arise in everyday… Continue Reading