Motivational Monday Quote – be a good mum

be a good mum

This is a great reminder that you don’t have the strive to be the PERFECT mum. Being a good mum is all your kids ask for. You kids are much less forgiving that anyone else and they are also your toughest critic. They know when you have good days and bad days and good moments and bad moment and all you have to be is good in their eyes, not perfect. I had this conversation with a mum last week. We both feel terrible in the mornings if we don’t leave the house with a load of washing on, the dishwasher unpacked and all the beds made and if the kids left the house without brushing their teeth, clean clothes and brushed hair – wow, we would crucify ourselves. Ofcourse the night before the lunches are made and the kitchen is spotless. Why have we set such high standards for ourselves? Because we have decided that is what we must do to run our household. If you set these standards and constantly fail to meet them or they take over from having fun with your kids – its time to re-evaluate. If you could change just one thing to be a good mum and not a perfect mum, what would it be?


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