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I really like this quote. The concept of good parenting for a child is what you show them. You have your own standard and you are their role model. Should your standard slip slightly one day, your kids will probably not notice one bit.

It is a great reminder that you are your hardest critic and no matter what happens, your kids think you are a super star. As mums, we tend to beat ourselves up about the things that matter to us – but not to our kids.

I sometimes leave the house yelling at my eldest daughter and I feel bad all day. Meanwhile she is over it by the time she gets to school and sees her friends. I sometimes forget their drink bottles for their school lunches and again think about it often during the day – and they are happy to use the bubblers.

Kids are often more resilient than we expect they are and even though these little things affect us because we are trying to be the BEST mum, our kids are fine. So stop being so hard on yourself and remember that your kids have unconditional love for you.


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