Motivational Monday quote – what if I fall?

I love this quote – it is all about taking risks. Our job as a parent is to continually encourage our kids to be the best they can be. We are their safety blanket for getting out into the world and our words of encouragement often make or break the situation.

Not words that put down, but words that lift up. Good words of encouragement. The topic is irreverent – it could be reading, sport, making friends, trying a new food, jumping off the high dive board at the pool – it makes sense in so many different situations. And it is all about helping our kids be comfortable to take a risk.

As a military family, we move around a lot – like 7 times in the last 9 years. It is the in the lead up to a move and the first six months in a new place that I am constantly reminding my children to get in there and fly.

Do you have a good example of your child risk taking?

what is I fall

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