Helicopter parenting reinforced by daycare centre

helicopter parenting 2There is a new app being used by child care centres – an app that allows parents to get updates of their children throughout the day when they are at work. If there is something special their child has done, the childcare worker posts into the app and sends a notification to the parents. Parents get a picture with a description of their child’s achievement or note worthy moment.

It is even used for alerting parents about nap times and when their child has dirtied their nappy.

If I am at work, I do not want to know when my child has done a poo – no thank you and I am really not that concerned about the time she has gone to sleep, until I end my day and pick her up. Until my watch.

This is the new kind of helicopter parenting where, even at work, you know what your child is doing. What happened to a conversation at the end of the day with the childcare worker? Or some pictures up at the end of the day with highlights.

I get it that parent’s go to work five days a week. I go to work and to be completely honest, I love that can trust someone to care for my kids in a loving environment while I am earning a living and being an adult. My first day at work is a rest. I get to sit still for 2 hours at a time and focus on my computer, I get to go to the coffee shop and order a hot chocolate. I would hate to be sent a photo of my child and it’s dirty nappy when I’m having my time. Maybe the pictures will also feed the mother guilt of not being with our kids a little bit more?

Also, when I am at work, I am working (besides when I go out and get a hot chocolate!). It is a full on role and I am dedicated to those hours being work hours and the time I am with my kids as kid time. I am happy that my children get to experience life with another adult. They get the sense of community and know that other adults are caring.

In addition, I already know what my kids look like. I know my kids enjoying painting and climbing trees. I have always been a bit funny about other people taking pictures of my kids, especially on a smart phone where photos can be shared so easily. I’m sure it is all fine but these photos are now on someone else’s device and being fed through an app. Call me old fashioned.

There has to be some division between parenting and other roles you hold in your life.

At some point, a mum needs to be defined as something other than a mum. When they are at work, they are not mum or dad, they are the Accountant, PR Manager, Teacher, Nurse, Lawyer or whatever they have chosen to do with their lives outside being a parent and this is a healthy, normal part of being in a family.

Surely knowing what your child is doing in their day, even when you are not with them increases helicopter parenting. Parents are already protective enough of their kids when they are with them and concerned about them playing alone – independence is interrupted by a parent hovering. Getting a photo of your child from someone else only reinforces the idea of parent hovering and playing on the need to know what your child is doing every second. A bit like micro chipping a kid really.

What are your thoughts on getting photos of your children throughout the day from the daycare worker?

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  1. Totally agree with your sentiments here. Kids need time too to discover their own place in the world I doubt they’d like regular updates of their parents sitting at the computer or interacting in the adult world.

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