Podcast #4: Interview with Carl Honore


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Internationally renowned advocate of the Slow Movement and journalist, Carl Honore came to Australia earlier this year to work along side 3 stressed out, over scheduled families to slow their schedule down and bring back family time. His documentary, Frantic Family Rescue aired on the ABC in August 2015.

As we are parenting in this time of ‘hyper parenting’ (or as I all it the ‘hurry up culture’) where every minute is scheduled and we are watching our children’s every move, much of the fun and enjoyment has been sucked out. We are too busy to stop and smell the roses.

‘Overparenting is endemic and we are madly pushing, polishing and protecting our kids. It is time to slow down and enjoy the time,’ Carl said.

In Carl’s work, he provides practical solutions to reconnect families, bring back communities and slow the tide of our hurry up culture of parenting. He also works with businesses, schools and individuals to slow life down.

I enjoyed the program and his message so much, I got in touch with Carl to talk to him about his views on Australian families, how ‘hyper parenting’ is affecting our children’s resilience, anxiety levels and coping mechanisms and to provide some practical insights into finding the ‘right’ family balance. Listen to the interview here. You can find Carl at www.carlhonore.com.



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